Good afternoon,

I’ve never done a blog post before but find that writing my thoughts down very theraupetic and as I’ve been open from the start in regards to our infertility journey, I thought what better way to bare all than a lengthy blog post.

So it started in April 2016, two years after trying for a baby and not succeding, we decided to bite the bullet and book an appointment with our GP; who decided after a brief chat to refer us to the infertility clinic at Kent & Canterbury hospital. This was a very difficult step as it meant finally accepting that we may need professional help in making a baby. Something so personal, and that should happen naturally, but sadly is not always the case, in fact 1 in 8 couples will have to face the same reality. My husband and I went out to celebrate after this appointment, we went to our favourite Greek restaurant, The Meze House and had a lovely meal together.

I had all the blood tests I needed to get done; day 3 & day 21 blood tests. My results came back that my progesterone levels were low and I had anovulation, which meant I hadn’t ovulated. How could this be, when I had my period, every 28 days like clockwork? We went on holiday in the May with my parents to visit my brother and his fiancee who were living in Hungary at the time. We had a wonderful week of relaxation.  We returned to hubby’s sperm analysis results; which were all good! Fantastic, a bit of good news.

I went to my local hospital for a scam which I believed was my HSG test, but it turned out to be an internal scan to check my ovaries. I left the hospital googling “bulky ovaries” as the sonographer had just told me “everything looks okay, but your ovaries are a little bulky”. What did this mean?! I’m still not 100% sure.

In August 2016, we had our first appointment with our infertility consultant. I had my weight and height taken and then we spent fifteen minutes filling out a questionnaire before meeting the consultant. Unfortunately, she came across as very rude and abrupt and left me leaving the appointment feeling deflated and upset. But, we fit the criteria for NHS funding and were eligible for six cycles of Clomid and IVF.

I had to repeat the blood tests I’d had done previously as well as having a vaginal swab. The results came back, I found out that I was not immune to rubella so had to have a rubella vaccination, so got that done. Then it was the HSG test to check if my fallopian tubes were clear. It was very uncomfortable and painful, but over and done with very quickly. Thankfully, my tubes were clear.

January 2017, we had a follow up appointment with our infertility consultant and from all the results from the blood tests and scans, it was decided that I was to start on Clomid. But, the infertility consultant needed to get the green light from my gynae team as I’d been under their care for a few years since having a whopping 8lb tumour removed back in 2013 and she didn’t want to take any risks.

Once she was given the green light, in May 2017 we picked up the prescription for Clomid and practically skipped to the pharmacy to pick it up. We celebrated by going for afternoon tea at a newly opened tea room in Herne Bay. We were so happy to finally get started. Just two days later, I started my first round of Clomid. Usually on the first round you get sent for a scan to check how your body is reacting to the drug. But as it has to be at certain times during your cycle, I couldn’t get this done the first cycle so I had no idea if it was doing what it should be. All I knew was that I was suffering the most horrendous side effects; migraines, mood swings, nausea, depression and insomnia.

Then the first cycle failed, we were gutted, but we picked ourselves up and started the second cycle. This cycle I had the scan and blood test and it showed that it had worked; I had ovulated. We celebrated in the Greek restaurant again, we were just so excited that it was doing as it should be. But then, the second cycle failed too. And the third.

Then we had a month off from it, which came at the right time as hubby was working away in London and we only saw each other a handful of times!

We started afresh in Septemper, starting our fourth cycle of Clomid. We celebrated our second wedding anniversary in St Ives this month. This cycle also failed, and by now I had given up hope that it was going to work. But, nevertheless I persisted and carried on for two more cycles. Sadly, they were both unsuccesful too.

We had our appointment at the infertility clinic December 2017 and was told the next step will be IVF and to come back in February 2018. We returned February 2018, was given two clinics to choose from and after some research, chose the one with the higher success rate for IVF and now we wait…

Yazmin x